Econometrician (Marketing Scientist)

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London, United Kingdom

Application Deadline

We are searching for individuals with excellent quantitative and analytical skills who can develop actionable quantitative models and analyses to help clients address their marketing challenges such as marketing effectiveness, ROI, brand equity impact, channel effectiveness, and pricing.

What you'll be doing: (This is a hands on model building role)

  • Marketing analytics, including marketing/media mix modeling, predictive analytics and market forecasting.
  • Lots of Time Series Models. These models not only address short term effects of marketing but also the long term impact on brand and competitive position.
  • Practical analytics, with an eye to generating actionable market insights that help our clients identify smarter marketing decisions.
  • Estimation of marketing impact and efficiency, return on investment (ROI), marginal return on investment (MROI), brand equity, profit, and market share.
  • Growing with the team, keeping pace of developments in relevant econometric theory to continually refine our methodology to offer our clients even better insights and more rigorous statistical analysis.
  • Using your keen professional judgment and expertise to confirm the accuracy and appropriateness of estimates, not just assuming the output of a computer package is always true or sensible.
  • Interacting with team members to communicate insights and responding to team-based feedback with refinements on the insights generated.

Skills, Experience, and Talents You'll Need:

  • You dream of econometric and statistical analysis using bigger and bigger data sets.
  • Well versed in regression techniques using panel data and time series data.
  • Some of your best friends are major econometric software packages, such as R, Eviews, SAS. You are also well acquainted with Stata, SPSS and you know your way around Excel like it is your home town.
  • You have experienced a variety of data sources, and understand the strengths, weaknesses, limitations, potential pitfalls and errors in many marketing and economic databases.
  • A pragmatic eye toward data verification, ensuring the integrity and appropriateness of all data used in modeling and analytics.
  • If you have Bayseian econometric analysis experience we would really dig that.
  • Want to really dazzle us? Show us your digital attribution models!Graduate level work (Advanced degree preferred) in mathematics, statistics, economics, econometrics, quantitative marketing analytics, or related fields.

Why work with us?

Because you’re smart, entrepreneurial and are ready to be challenged every day to break new ground in next-gen marketing cloud technology that empowers boardroom through to machine-to-machine decisions. You are willing to deliver excellence & innovation, fight for customer success, work collaboratively, and manage complexity.

Our customers use the MarketShare DecisionCloud to create an analytics control center that simplifies and scales the decision-making process. As a leader in our field, we are helping to influence tens of billions of dollars in marketing spend. We deliver a full spectrum of marketing decision support apps from best-in-class strategic optimization through to detailed digital attribution thus enabling rapid course corrections and recommendations to drive ROI and connect marketing to revenue.

About Us

MarketShare is a software and analytics company that uses data science and technology solutions to bring order to complexity and help our clients make better, faster, data-driven decisions – with confidence. MarketShare Culture - What’s important to us, and ideally to you, include:

  • Comfort with ambiguity: We embrace the complexity of our clients’ environments and believe that there are seldom-easy answers.
  • Embracing the high-wire act: We’re inventing the space where marketing meets math meets technology. This is a new category, and we have to innovate as we go.
  • Intelligently curious: We have never met a problem that we didn’t want to solve with solutions that are practical, innovative, and value-rich.
  • Innovating Products: We are developing avant-garde SaaS solutions and cloud based products to make the analytics real and actionable
  • Being a results-driven team player that is all about collaboration, growth, and excellence.

With today’s explosion of data and consumer touch points, complexity keeps growing. Our team, our technology and our insights are the single place to turn to get the best possible recommendations for driving performance from both offline and online marketing investments. We align decision making from the most strategic to the most tactical. Our clients range across sectors including automotive, retail, insurance, financial, travel & leisure, technology, consumer electronics, entertainment, pharmaceuticals and others.

MarketShare has broad experience working with a fast-growing roster of major global brands.

Our solutions help marketing executives answer complicated questions such as:

  • What is the effectiveness of our marketing investments in generating sales, and where should our next dollar be spent?
  • How do TV, radio and print media drive online behaviors and resulting sales, and how do we balance our online-offline mix?
  • Within online channels, how can we continually optimize our digital marketing across placements, publisher sites, keywords, etc?
  • How can I adjust my pricing to quickly changing market environments?
  • How can I use proprietary data to see how my company compares against peers and generate recommendations to optimize media plan effectiveness.

The MarketShare team has grown worldwide across Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.


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